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Magnetic Knife Racks

Keep your knives organised and easily accessible with our reliable and secure magnetic knife holders and racks.

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Magnetic Knife Holders - Safe, Secure and Convenient Knife Storage

When it comes to knife storage, there are a number of possibilities. You could store your knives in a dedicated knife block, a knife case or simply just in the kitchen drawer. These storage methods are fine of course, but they may come with some drawbacks. Firstly, you may end up inadvertently dulling the blades on the knives by storing them in a standard knife block or drawer. Also, other storage methods take up valuable space in your kitchen too.

The solution is a magnetic knife holder. This highly useful, convenient and stylish knife storage solution not only allows you to save on kitchen counter and drawer space, but also prevents knives from scratching against surfaces and each other.

Magnetic knife racks help to keep the edges of knives sharp, and allow you to quickly access your knives for smart food preparation. If you are struggling for space in your kitchen or have a small one, magnetic knife blocks are a particularly good option for knife storage.

A magnetic knife block or rack be especially useful if you have a selection of different kitchen knives which you use frequently too, because they are so easy to access. Say goodbye to forgetting where you put that knife, or not being able to find it!

Which Magnetic Knife Rack Should I Choose?

Magnetic knife racks work best with knives that have a significant amount of ferrous metal in their construction, such as stainless steel knives. We wouldn’t recommend them for ceramic or non-magnetic knives, as they won't be easily attracted to the magnetic holder and may fall off easily.

Our selection of magnetic racks for knives come in a variety of different designs and sizes. The most suitable model for you will depend on the size and style of your kitchen, as well as how many knives you would like to store on the rack.

Whichever magnetic knife rack you choose, your knives will be within easy reach, ready for you to pull away from the rack for effortless food preparation.

How to Safely Use a Magnetic Knife Holder

Good quality magnetic knife holders are easy to install and mount on the wall, and are strong enough to keep your knives safe, secure and organised. By following through the manufacturer's instructions, you can ensure that the holder is firmly attached and doesn't wobble or come loose.

Make sure that the knife holder is installed in a suitable spot, where it won’t be easily bumped or knocked into, and keep it well away from the reach of children and pets.

When you want to pull off a knife to use, avoid forcefully sliding or yanking the knife off the holder. Instead, grasp the knife handle firmly and lift it straight off the magnetic surface to avoid accidents.

To help preserve the cutting edge of your knife after use, place the spine on the rack first before carefully rolling the entire blade down.

It is a good idea to inspect the magnetic knife holder periodically to ensure it's still securely attached and functioning properly. Also, make sure that you clean the holder regularly and remove any dirt as needed. This will help to preserve the magnetic strength of your knife holder.

Shop Quality Magnetic Knife Racks and Blocks

Here at Kitchen Knives, we have a great selection of quality magnetic knife holders, which have been tried and tested to guarantee the highest level of safety. Our magnetic knife racks and holders contain a strong magnet to effectively stow away your kitchen knives.

Choose from a wide range of sizes, ranging from 30cm (suitable for 4/5 knives) up to a massive 80cm which will accommodate even the largest collection of knives. Choose from some of the best magnetic knife holders on the market from the likes of Global, Wusthof and Rockingham.

Shop one of the UK’s largest selections of magnetic knife racks and blocks and discover the most convenient and easiest method of storing your knives.