I.O.Shen Miho Slicer Flat Edged Knife

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The I.O. Shen Miho Slicer has many uses including slicing meat and raw fish. The flat edge allows for smooth, aesthetically pleasing slices when working on large sections of food.

Minimal flex gives you complete control of your slices. This knife is super long and razor sharp.

"BBQ is about big meat and brisket is a huge slab of beef. You need a big knife to cut smoothly through, minimal flex and thin to glide through like butter". Marcus Bawdon, CountryWoodSmoke, UK BBQ Mag Editor.

This is a superb knife that has an outer layer of softer, protective steel (Rockwell10°) around the central core of HRC62 steel (Rockwell 62°). The hard, central layer forms the razor sharp edge of your cutting blade.


You will definitely be drawn to the distinctive Tai Tang pattern in the handle but the true difference is in the triple layer technology applied to the quality Japanese stainless steel blade which actually improves cutting performance. With a full tang and well weighted handle it is perfectly balanced and the cutting edge is individually sharpened to a 15 degree angle.

For many years, knife manufacturers have been trying to use increasingly harder steel to achieve the ultimate cutting edge. The hardness of stainless steel is measured on the Rockwell Scale, with 62° being the highest grade commercially available. However, the brittleness of such hard steel has always been a limiting factor.


I.O. Shen has overcome this problem by using an inner core of super hard Rockwell 62° steel protected by two layers of softer, shock absorbing Rockwell 10° stainless steel on the outside to produce the ultimate cutting edge. They call this Triplex Steel Technology.

All of the knives in the I.O. Shen Mastergrade range use the very latest technology to construct blades which are not only amazingly sharp but which will also retain their edge for a phenomenal amount of time. They have been hand sharpened to a 15° angle, which allows for wonderful slicing and portion control.

The unique handle design distinguishes I.O. Shen Mastergrade knives from all others. It is an essential factor in achieving balance and stability. The Tai Tang is not simply an embellishment, it is an integral part of the handle.

The handles are produced from a synthetic material called ebonite which is both durable and heat resistant, although dishwasher cleaning is not recommended.

I.O.Shen have mastered manufacturing techniques that enable them to produce a superior knife that is popular with professionals. The distinctive and attractive design sets them apart from many other ranges. The range won the Excellence in Housewares award 2007.


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I.O.Shen Miho Slicer Flat Edged Knife
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  • The I.O. Shen Scimitar was designed to perform several jobs without the need to change knives. The European angle to the first 13cm of the knife allows for small/medium bone work (for example poultry & lamb). The Japanese angle in the last 17cm of the blade is the precision meat slicer. An I.O. Shen twist on the traditional Butcher's steak knife
  • 305mm blade.
  • Triplex Technology developed by I.O.Shen is made up of three layers of steel, a central, extra hard layer sandwiched by two softer layers.
  • The extremely hard central layer of Japanese steel provides an exceptionally sharp edge while outer layers provide protection and shock absorbtion.
  • Blades retain edge sharpness.
  • Knives are hand sharpened and honed by master craftsmen.The distincive Tai Tang handle is an integral part of the design and adds balance and stability.

Additional Information

Fulfilment Date Delivery within 2-3 working days
Origin Japan
Brand IO Shen
Product Type Fish Knives
Style I O Shen
Size 305mm
Material German Stainless Steel

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